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Are you selling your home? Would you like to increase the amount of money you get, while reducing time on the market?

This is called your Selling Factor. So, what's yours?
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What is HOMenhance?

HOMenhance by the Storck Team is the revolutionary way to prepare your home for the ultra-competitive seller's market.

When we apply the  HOMenhance system, we help homeowners just like you upscale or "enhance" their homes without you having to spend any money out of pocket.

We front the costs of the enhancements to create more home value so you can sell at a higher price and generally less time on the market.  

Plus, enjoy the peace of mind that you don’t have the hassle of doing any renovations yourself. 

We manage every step of your enhancement, so you get 100% satisfaction – and at no upfront cost to you.

Finally, at closing, the money that was fronted is paid back. Simple. Easy. Effective. Don't take our word for it, read the amazing reviews below.

On the above property, we did the following:
1. Changed out light fixtures. 2. Took down wallpaper in the kitchen and baths.
3. Repainted and textured walls 4. Took down heavy curtains. 5. Refinished the wood floors. 6. Cleaned up the landscaping, and 7. Staged the property for selling.

Here's what Judith had to say about her experience with Tatyana:

"I’m a woman in my 70’s and looking to downsize. Before the listing went active, Tatyana got bids, managed the contractors, and even carried the invoices for me all the way through closing.  She had the old wallpaper taken down, painted the walls, refinished my hardwood floors, switched out light fixtures, cleaned-up the landscaping, and had my house thoroughly cleaned.  The cost of improvements was a little over $5k.  With her help, I was able to sell my house for $35,000 more than the other agent.  Tatyana will get you more for your house and goes above and beyond what any other agent can or will do."

One on One

Consulting Session with Tatyana and The Storck Team about the "SELLING FACTOR" of your home

We help you determine the actual selling value of your home based on age, condition, location, amenities, and more. Think of us as the Kelly Blue Book for your home.

Your HOMenhance
Selling Factor Strategy

Selling Factor is the score that rates the value of your home now. The higher your Selling Factor is, the better. To get you the most amount of money from your home, and sell it in the fastest amount of time, we need a strategy. This is where we shine. 

Increase the value of your home by using our
HOMenhance System

Enhancing your home so it sells for more money is our only focus. We provide all the necessary project management and workmanship to "enhance" your home, with no money out of your pocket.

WHat's involved

1. Meet with Tatyana and The Storck Team to begin your listing agreement. 

2. Once you sign on with The Storck Team a best plan of action will be created for all needed enhancements.


3. The Storck Team fronts the cost of the enhancements, on average $5k to 10k , which is then paid back at closing.

4. Tatyana and her Team manage the entire process, from first paint stroke to ready for showing, to final closing.


5. Your home gets listed on the market by The Storck Team. (Marketing, staging, photography, listing sites, and more.)

6. The Strock Team sells your home, generally for more money and faster.*

HOMenhance by Tatyana Sturm and The Storck Team was created to help make more in less time. Our system helps homeowners just like you update their home to create more value, sell faster, and enjoy the turnkey peace of mind of not having to hassle with any of the home enhancement process.

We front the money to do the updates (generally around $5 to $10k). We manage 100% of the contractor process. with no money out of your pocket, and without wasting your time. We have our own team of professionals that deliver professional work.



What Our Clients Say

Judith M.

Aurora, CO

"With Tatyana's help,

I was able to sell my house for $35,000 more than the other agent."

Carl M.

Denver, CO

"At the beginning of 2019 we contacted Tatyana and the Storck Team who consulted with us in what sells in our market. They brought in contractors to do the jobs and staged the house which sold after 48 hours after listing at full price.
I highly recommend Tatyana and the Storck Team."

Bruce S.

Centennial, CO

"Tatyana and The Stock Team were incredible from start to finish. They helped prepare our home for sale (including contractor coordination), staged it, and closed the sale in record time! We couldn't believe selling a home could be this easy but with the right partner, it absolutely was. I would recommend them without hesitation."

Ready to get more money out of your home without any money out of your pocket?

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Aurora, Colorado

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Douglas County, Colorado




*PLEASE READ DISCLOSURE - Due to the many market variables, there is no guarantee of the final sale amount of your home.  Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. HOMenhance is a makeover service provided by Tatyana Sturm and The Storck Team as part of their professional real estate services.


Tatyana Sturm is a Realtor with EXIT REALTY DTC - Copyright 2020 -  The Storck Team and Tatyana Sturm - Licensed Realtor